Photography Project


* Don't be afraid to ask for sponsorship. Many companies welcome the publicity and see financial input into education as a worthy cause * Keep a careful budget account if sponsorship money is received Equipment

The sponsors(Channel 1 Television) gave the Pounds 300 requested whichwas used as follows: Eight children's cameras at Pounds 11.99 each ('Big Yellow' camera from Argos, film included) Pounds 95.92 Enlargements Pounds 140 Mounts Pounds 17 Storage box for cameras Pounds 5 Black and white film Pounds 2.49 Development Pounds 35 Extra films Pounds 5 Total cost: Pounds 312.40 Hints and tips

* Tape the back of the door of the camera to discourage curious hands from the temptation of having a look inside, and the resulting disappointment of exposing the film to daylight

* Put a label on the back of shared cameras recording which pupil took which number shot * Set up a display in the classroom and add some photographs as you progress through the project.

* Put some positive criticism labels beside the pictures to ensure that the project is a learning process * Encourage the children to be imaginative and take unusual shots or shots from different angles and perspectives

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