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Plato and Aristophanes on Chelsea's doorstep

Director of studies Hellenic College of London Knightsbridge

Ever been to the Spirades? Did you enjoy Captain Corelli's Mandolin? How's your plate smashing?

The Hellenic College is looking for a director of studies to lead the curriculum in this all-age school. It was founded in 1980 by prominent members of London's Greek community. It offers an integrated curriculum of subjects in Greek and English throughout the nursery, primary and secondary age ranges.

It is based in Knightsbridge and occupies an elegant Grade II listed building, but we're not sure whether it has Doric columns.

There's a bilingual, bi-cultural curriculum. Teachers aren't required to speak modern Greek, but an affinity with Greek culture is extremely important.

But which aspects? Could you apply after a single viewing of Zorba the Greek? Would candidates score highest with an in-depth appreciation of the effects of the Peloponnesian War or would a detailed knowledge of Ionian tavernas do? And is Retsina a drink or a form of chemical warfare?

An opinion about whether some scattered stone fragments ought to be shipped back to their homeland might be of merit - but don't lose your marbles worrying about it.

Contact the school on 020 7581 5045 or visit Phil Revell

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