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Play ethic's the thing

Last but not least, let us rejoice in the publication last week of The Play Ethic by Pat Kane, the former Hue and Cry chanteur turned social consultant. As part of his research, he decided to take a thorough look at The TES Scotland and his reaction could not have been better expressed by ourselves.

"I found the TES(S) inspiring. So many experts straining to translate their findings into useable tools for pressured teachers; so many teachers trying to raise their sights above their daily labours, and remind themselves of why they wanted to walk into a classroom in the first place.

"And so much prose with a pulse - mixing experience and theory, practical common sense and starry-eyed idealism.

"If only the media servicing other sectors of society - like business, or science, or politics, or even the arts - had the same human capaciousness about it."

The figures that feature in our pages strike Kane as "a bunch of hurried, straight-talking generalists: easily moved to passion about their jobs, but acutely aware that a whole society is examining their daily performance.

Principles and pragmatism jostle each other vigorously like hungry kids in a dinner queue."

Rush out and buy this book, we'd say.

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