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Pleased with the deadline change

(Photograph) - John Harvey, 52, (below) head of science at Highfield school, an 11-18 comprehensive in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, will leave at the end of March and return, as planned, to the 850-pupil school for the summer term on a temporary contract.

"I am glad about the change of deadline but, as far as I am concerned, I will leave things as they stand.

"My plan 18 months ago was to take retirement at 53 on August 31 but when the proposals came out I had to move my retirement plans forward.

"I will be coming back on a temporary contract because, after 32 years in teaching, I wanted to round off my career neatly and fulfil commitments to exams.

"I know I will lose 12 weeks' accrued service on my pension by going at the end of March but I will leave things as they are."

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