Podcast: How has Covid and tech impacted safeguarding?

The rise in the use of tech for both staff and pupils has safeguarding implications, which we explore in this podcast

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Online learning: Four pieces of edtech that could help teachers with remote teaching

When much of the world locked down in the early part of this year, people everywhere looked for digital solutions to a lack of face-to-face interaction.

Schools introduced virtual lessons, while students took to apps as a way to maintain connections with their peers. But at what cost?

The rapid increase in technology use in education has led to extra complications when it comes to keeping both staff and students safe and ensuring that the wellbeing of both isn’t impacted dramatically.

Technology and safeguarding

To find out more about the shifting landscape of safeguarding in 2020, Tes senior digital editor Simon Lock, in a podcast, meets Emily Konstantas, CEO at the Safeguarding Alliance, to ask about the added complications that come when remote learning.

He also speaks to Katie Rigg, head of safeguarding and student wellbeing, and Chris Durbin, associate director of school support and evaluation, from the Council of International Schools, who explain what needs to be considered when it comes to students’ increased exposure to screens, fake news and social media.


The webinar below is sponsored by EduCare, part of the Tes family. EduCare’s simple-to-use online learning service for expert knowledge in safeguarding and duty of care will help to empower all your staff with the confidence to act when needed.

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Tes Editorial

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