Podcast: How to maximise the impact of TAs

In this special edition of the Tes podcast, we ask two experts how schools can ensure their teaching assistants are having the biggest possible effect

Maximising the impact of TAs

Teaching assistants play a hugely important role in the classroom.

But the extent of their impact depends on a number of factors.

In this edition of the Tes podcast, we speak to Sally Franklin, senior teaching fellow at the University College London’s Institute of Education, and Kate Gowing, special educational needs coordinator (Senco) at Westmeads Community Infant School in Kent.

Franklin explains how the level of support given by TAs is fundamental to how their impact can vary, while Gowing explains how her school puts this into practice.

This podcast was produced in association with Tes Institute’s Straight to Teaching course, which helps TAs gain qualified teacher status while remaining in their current school.

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