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Poetry party was just perfect

I feel that speaking and listening remain overlooked. I love drama and role-play but never find enough time in the classroom. But we recently came up with a wonderful idea, our own "Perfect Poetry Party".

Every member of the junior classes had to choose or write a poem, learn it and recite it to the rest of the class, individually or in pairs, with an emphasis on clarity and expression. This gave each teacher an opportunity to assess speaking and listening in a formal manner. Each class then voted for two representatives; the whole school enjoyed watching and listening in the school hall, over the course of an afternoon.

Balloons were hung and party bags were handed out. Past pupils from the local grammar school were invited back to perform their favourite poems.

Our school will enjoy this as an annual event and we look forward to next year's party already.

Nicky Adams, Year 56 group leader, Western Primary School, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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