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A point of order

For the first time in 39 years in teaching, I will vote Conservative at the next general election if legislation is enacted to enforce home-school agreements, as per Tory leader David Cameron's recent statement. At last, a politician who understands the problems of discipline in schools.

Heads should be the captain of the ship, and not subject to appeal panels. We pay heads excellent salaries to take decisions, which should be final and enshrined in law.

The leaders of the teacher unions should be impeached for the way they have ignored the plight of their members.

And what will happen to the children who are excluded? Simple: bring back the 156 special schools that have been closed in the past 10 years. When will teachers speak out and stop blaming themselves for the violent and disruptive behaviour that has become endemic in our schools?

Tony Callaghan

Former headteacher,


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