Points of view

PLEASE tell me I have just read the diary entry "Jade devalued" incorrectly (TES, August 9).

Since when have Sharons been "super stupid or something"? Being a Sharon myself, I am well aware of the "tag" or reputation that usually follows Sharons around - but I have never heard of the one about us being stupid. The majority of comments about Sharons are usually implying that we are a "little common" or "dim", but not stupid!

I am a mature student, having returned to study after a break of 12 years, while holding down a part-time job as well as running a home, being a wife, mother and stepmother. So please forgive me if I do not class myself as stupid - super or otherwise. I'm sure there are many other Sharons out there who are equally if not more intelligent than I am - come on let's hear it for how clever, bright and intelligent Sharons are!

Sharon Whitchurch, Burntwood Staffordshire

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