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Pole-dancing parents show off their moves

Another week, another pole-dancing-in-schools story. This time, at Woodlands Primary School in Gillingham, Kent. The out-of-hours lessons for mums are run by a firm called Sensual Ladies, which offers "professional tuition in the art of seduction and erotic dance".

The fully-booked sessions are raising money and getting parents more involved in school life. And they are tasteful, says Nick Fiddaman, head. Not a tassel in sight.

But that is unlikely to stop the furore surrounding pole dancing in schools. A row erupted last month when South Devon College in Paignton brought in a pole dancer to perform for pupils as part of its Be Healthy Week. Many of them recorded the performance on their mobile phones for posterity.

And before that, there was the Northumberland fitness instructor who defended plans to teach children as young as 12 how to pole dance. Laraine Riddell insisted that it was a great way to tackle obesity and keep fit. Fans believe that one lesson can burn more than 250 calories - equal to 30 minutes running on a treadmill. It's on track to becoming the people's national sport of choice.

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