Political chairs

Word reaches us that the political charm offensive launched by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers is having some rather odd consequences.

First Brian Monteith, Tory spokesman on education and much else, was taken to lunch by the great and the good of the union. This was so successful that he was invited to be guest speaker at the annual meeting last month.

Mike Russell, the SNP's heavy hitter, was next on the list to be wooed and was taken out for an evening's jollity.

The result of all this fraternisation has been spectacular. As readers will recall, Tino Ferri, the NAS's spin doctor, promptly went out and joined the Tory Party and is now known in the union as Tino DaTory.

Pat O'Donnell, acting regional official, has now joined the SNP after meeting Russell.

Jotter will be watching to see if the rest of the executive will be similarly smitten.

As for Labour, it is engaging in damage limitation and not replying to any advances the NAS makes - apparently terrified of picking up any new recruits.

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