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Poor Tim-ing

Still on (roughly) the same topic, the Catholic Church surely scored an own goal in deciding to launch Michael McGrath as its new education supremo right in the middle of Celtic Euro fever.

At least one tabloid was reported to have held back the announcement for a day because space was at a premium, with pictures of the products of Catholic schools on pilgrimage in Spain eating up the column inches.

The bishops may have thought they landed a catch, appointing one of their most respected heidies to such a prominent post, partly created to ward off attacks on Catholic schools. But they were quickly disabused by a letter in last Saturday's Herald from the enemy within.

"Mr McGrath wouldn't know a Catholic doctrine if it hit him on the head with a Celtic scarf," opined Patricia McKeever, editor of the Catholic Truth newsletter.

His crime? Soft on sex, it seems, or safe sex at any rate. Clearly no hard-liner.

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