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Positive reflections

Magic Mirrors, By Carey English and Guy Holland, Quicksilver Theatre. Bo, the heroine of Quicksilver's new play for three to fives, has the rapid-fire curiosity of her audience. Sneezing, she takes wide-eyed delight in the results smeared over her face. Catching sight of her reflection in the mirror, she marvels at the tricks she can play with her fickle other self. Her mirror-image disappears. Freed to be anything she likes, she steps through the mirror to encounter figures summoned from her imagination.

As the cock-a-snoot adventurer, Harvey Virdi resembles a bubbling, female equivalent of the laughing policeman, gasping with delight at the surprises she conjures: a terry-towelling monster; sari-clad princess; Bo as tiny puppet and kapok giant whose wiggly fingers embrace her in a jig.

An initially tremulous audience became hooked in the moments of silent wonder between Bo and her reflected visions, even turning tables to reassure her on the difference between fantasy and reality ("It's only a puppet"), just as Bo and her mum swop roles in a game-playing finale to a show which has much enjoyable horseplay.

With a fast-moving, if mystifying storyline, the play - aiming to promote positive self-images - provides vibrant female role models. An ingenious cut-out set reveals snatches of minipuppet plays. Other-worldly flute music is by Steve Byrne.

Touring schools until April 1, also Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn tomorrow, Waterman's Arts Centre, Brentford, March 25, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, April 1. Quicksilver: 0171 241 2942.

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