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Possibilitarians are endless

Sometimes it is hard for people working in education and training to get their hands on the information they need.

So thank goodness for the multiplicity of researchers, think-tanks and academic departments working tirelessly to make us all a little better-informed.

By way of example, the following nugget of information is included in a paper prepared by the school of ducation at the University of Wolverhampton and the department of educational studies at the University of Sheffield.

For those of you who cannot commit it to memory, FErret suggests you cut out the following and keep it handy:

"(critical pedagogy) sometimes becomes a form of what can best be called "romantic possibilitarian" rhetoric, in which the language of possibility substitutes for a consistent tactical analysis of what the balance of forces actually is and what is necessary to change it. (Apple, 2001,p63-64)."

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