A postcard from the editor

Summer's a perfect time to collect postcards. Even if you're home painting the hallways, they'll be landing on your doormat with irritating regularity. But don't feel bad. Those postcards will make a great cross-curricular teaching resource in the autumn (see page 19).

Writing, be it postcards or something longer, forms a key theme in this issue, with the focus on children's own work. The winning stories in WriteAway 2001 (page 34) should help provide an antidote to fears that children's creativity has been stifled. These autobiographical tales are brimming with imagination, and skilfully crafted. Sometimes, children feel more free to be creative when they're writing at home. In her research study (page 16), Elaine Millard investigates how children think about their own writing, and what this can mean for teaching.

Finally, when you open this month's TES Primary, you just might confuse us with another, very different, magazine. Yes, it's our special Hello-style edition, with exclusive coverage of the traditional Hindu wedding of our designer, Keval Joshi. It's a chance not only to let Keval into the spotlight for a change, but to give you a comprehensive picturepacked teaching resource for RE.

Have a great summer!

Diane Hofkins

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