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pound;2,000 for deputy's two extra hours a day

Peter Greaves has worked an additional two hours a day since becoming a deputy head at Dovelands primary in Leicester last year and has faced a far greater range of tasks, including tackling parents' complaints when the head was absent.

But his salary only increased from pound;35,500 to pound;37,500, a rise of less than 6 per cent. Mr Greaves said the money had been "a minor consideration" as he had been attracted by the school and the increased responsibility.

"There isn't a massive jump in pay, because if you become a deputy at a primary you've usually had some teaching and leadership experience and some responsibility points," he said."A bigger issue is the small gap between deputy and headteachers' pay. There will be lots of deputies in the future who are reluctant to apply for heads' jobs because they would get a lot of extra responsibilities but little increase in pay - or even apay cut."

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