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POWER ON, Electricity and Simple Circuits for KS 23 Science. CD for PC Format. BNFL Tel: 0500 141142, pound;6.95.

More power to your elbow! That's what this lively interactive CD will give to your teaching of electricity.

It is full of interesting on- screen activities, such as a click and drag task to assemble the parts of a torch. Put them in the right places, click to slide the switch across and complete the circuit and you are rewarded with a bulb that lights up and an extra point on your score.

You can also sort materials into conductors and insulators, construct circuit diagrams, handle data about fuels and the amount of electricity used atdifferent times of day, wire a plug, consider different types of energy and pick out safetyhazards. It has a full glossary and optional sound to accompany all the text and it's easy to use. At pound;6.95, it is very good value.

Two words of warning - first the symbol used for a bulb inthe circuit diagram activities is not the BSI symbol of a cross within a circle used in the key stage 2 and 3 tests.

Second, the CD covers a large range of content so pupils could click away happily through simple activities on safety or complete circuits, only to come face to face with a picture of an atom where they have to identify protons, neutrons and electrons.

A little teacher intervention should solve both those problems.

Anne Goldsworthy is an independent consultant and chair of ASE Primary Committee

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