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The powers that be

According to the DFEE publication, School Governors: A Guide To The Law, June 1997, the powers and duties of the governing body of a school are at present as follows:

Deciding (with the head and the LEA if appropriate) the aims and policies of the school, and how the standards of education can be improved: Deciding the conduct of the school - that is, how in general terms it should be run;

Helping to draw up (with the head and staff) the school development plan; Deciding (taking account of anything in the LMS scheme and any powers that they may pass to the head) how to spend the school's budget;

Making sure that the national curriculum and religious education are taught and reporting on national curriculum assessments and examination results;

Selecting the head and deputy head;

Appointing, promoting, supporting and disciplining other staff in consultation with the head;

Acting as a link between the local community and the school;

Drawing up an action plan after an inspection, and monitoring how the plan is put into practice.

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