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Practice makes parfait

PAS A PAS revision pack. pound;49.95 +VAT

ECOUTEZ BIEN! listening materials. pound;49.95 +VAT

GRAMMAIRE CREATIVE worksheets. pound;35 +VAT

K L'ECOUTE 1, 2, 3 listening materials. pound;49.95 +VAT each

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Designed to take the sting out of GCSE revision, Pas ... Pas covers the four papers (listening, reading, writing, speaking) and comes in three versions: AQA, OCR and Edexcel.

The first section, Active Preparation, aims to equip students with effective revision strategies. Many of the suggestions are tried-and-tested techniques or plain common sense, but it is well thought out, logically presented and there are plenty of examples and activities. It takes a similarly systematic approach towards exam technique in each skill area.

The second section contains sample questions accompanied by tips and advice.

This is a down-to-earth resource, which should help students concentrate on what really matters. The emphasis is on how as well as what.

The 60 activities in coutez bien! prepare students for the GCSE listening examination, both foundation and higher tier. Each features a specific area of language and focuses on technique as well as content. Potential pitfalls are identified and practised. These include liaison (eg, deux eurosdouze euros) prepositions such as sursous, and negatives and tenses. Recordings are clear, voices are predominantly, although not exclusively, young.

Highly focused and tightly structured, these materials encourage students to pick up clues from the context, spot cognates, make connections and look out for red herrings.

The 87 worksheets in Grammaire Creative practise a wide range of grammatical structures. The format is consistent: a cartoon incorporating key language followed by an explanation and exercises. Separate answer sheets are provided.

Although this resource is intended for key stage 3 or foundation tier candidates at KS4, many of the exercises would be too demanding for students of average and below average ability. However, they could prove useful with able students across both key stages to reinforce previously taught language which has been only partially assimilated.

Creative is an odd title as there is little creative work included. On the other hand, students could use the cartoons as a framework for their own dialogues or compose a text incorporating as many examples as possible of a given grammatical point.

K l'ecoute 1, 2 and 3 listening materials cater for beginners up to national curriculum level 7.

Each pack comprises six units divided into four sections. The first three highlight particular structures or vocabulary, the fourth pulls the threads together. Content is presented via monologues, dialogues and the occasional rap, different speakers are used and diction is clear.

There are differentiated worksheets and activities range from multiple-choice and gap-fill exercises to puzzles, predictions and offering opinions.

Students are required to do more than merely record information heard.

There is a strong grammatical emphasis and extension activities use the material as a stimulus for oral work in pairs or groups.

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