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Practitioner's perspective

Appointed principal teacher last year at Braehead Primary, South Ayrshire, has been a senior teacher for 12 years "I am looking for CPD to enhance my management skills.

"I have undertaken a project leadership course provided by South Ayrshire Council, which gave me a chance to plan and implement a project based in the school.

"As the school's ICT co-ordinator, I decided that information and communications technology would be my area for development, so I took on the role of co-ordinator of ICT CPD for the rest of the staff, introducting interactive whiteboards and evaluating the impact that has had on learning and teaching. It has been just fantastic.

"For principal teachers in primary who want to go further for promotion, we are looking for opportunities for project leadership and team leadership.

We are looking for courses which give you skills to do with leadership, and administration skills for running a department.

"I am looking for more opportunities to learn from more experienced colleagues."

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