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Praise be

The former god of Strathclyde was on the heidies' programme. Frank Pignatelli now runs the Scottish University for Industry but that was second choice to the Scottish Qualifications Authority whose chief executiveship he sought when the luckless Ron Tuck won the day.

Pignatelli recently met a member of the interviewing panel that turned him down and was belatedly fulsome in his thanks.

Incidentally, Bishop John Mone of Paisle offered a prayer before Pignatelli's address. His intercession might have been better timed just before the speech by embattled SQA chief executive Bill Morton.

Mone it was who revealed the story of the youngster whose grasp of the Easter story was less than perfect. Asked about the significance of Christ being nailed to the Cross, he suggested the Romans had done the right thing, "otherwise he might have fallen aff".

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