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President Obama runs through White House for Let’s Move

Running for the White House is something that all US presidents have had to do in their time, but President Barack Obama has taken to running in the White House as part of a campaign to encourage healthy living.

The project – Let’s Move – was set up by his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, four years ago. To celebrate the anniversary, she asked people to share their moves on the internet, using the hashtag #LetsMove.


Speaking on US chat show The Tonight Show, Mrs Obama said that if enough people took part, then the president and his vice-president, Joe Biden, might be encouraged to share their own moves.

The pair made good on Mrs Obama’s promise in a minute-long video that shows them running around the White House, past staffers and the Obamas’ two dogs, Sunny and Bo, to the theme tune of the television show Superstars. They then stretched and drank water.

“After a good workout, you got to drink up,” President Obama says in the video, adding: “Otherwise we are going to be in trouble with Jill [Mr Biden’s wife] and Michelle.”


Mrs Obama also marked the anniversary by hosting a Let’s Move focus group with children and comedian Will Ferrell to discuss eating healthily and being active.


Questions for debate and discussion

  1. Why is it important to drink water after exercise?
  2. What is your opinion about the way Barack and Michelle Obama interact with the public?
  3. Do you think it would be possible for David Cameron and Nick Clegg to make an upbeat and comedic video? What might the British public’s reaction be?
  4. How important is it for famous people to associate themselves with health and fitness causes?

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