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President Trixi? Maybe her ambitions lie elsewhere

I found your feature "The life of Riley" (7 February) interesting, unsurprising and somewhat one-sided. We learned why middle-class parents call their children Catherine or Sarah: names that sound good after "President" and are apt choices for those who want their children to be "quiet, conscientious and clever". The article accepts this as the obvious, desirable outcome.

But other sectors of society aren't just stabbing an uneducated finger into "The Chav's Book of Baby Names", they're choosing a name based on an implied value. It just might not match the value system of others. So maybe Trixi's parents don't want her to be president. Maybe they're endowing her with a different form of name currency: perhaps social, perhaps cultural.

It would have been interesting to hear the views of Kayleegh and Jaydon's parents, as well as Hannah and Maisie's.

Nikky Arding, Historically Speaking, Oxfordshire.

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