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Three-year degree

The Herald

The future of Scotland's four-year degree looks to be under threat after a university said it would offer shorter courses to cut down on costs for students. Dundee University has become the first to develop a three-year honours degree, which will be available to both Scottish students and those from the rest of the UK.

10 years for head of union

The Scotsman

Bahrain has jailed the head of the teachers' union for 10 years and his deputy for three for inciting hatred against the Gulf kingdom's ruling monarchy and calling for its overthrow during protests this year. Union chairman Mehdi Issa Mohammed Abu Deeb and his deputy, Jalila Mohammed Reza al-Salman, were found guilty of disrupting schooling, broadcasting false news and threatening national security by encouraging protest marches and sit-ins.

RoboProf gets personal

The Sun

Desperate education bosses have drafted in a former cop dubbed "RoboProf" to teach just one out-of-control schoolboy. The violent 11-year-old has battered staff and pupils and even hurled a bowl of boiling hot soup at his headmistress. Now the boy - who only started at the high school in Airdrie last month - will be given one-to-one tuition by retired policeman Ricky Mullen, who previously worked with kids in a tough secure unit.

Schools fear trip payouts

Daily Record

Schools are scared to let children go on trips in case they are hit with compensation claims, says a report by the Countryside Alliance Foundation. Highland was landed with bills of pound;2,363 and pound;3,950 for pupils' injuries between April 2009 and March 2011. Edinburgh City Council paid pound;404 and pound;194.79 for the same period.

Achievements on record

The Scotsman

Every child leaving primary school in Scotland is to have their key achievements documented under plans being drawn up for the further expansion of the new curriculum. By next summer, P7 profiles for pupils in their final year of primary school will chart the progress made before secondary school.

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