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We were right to cuff girl, 6, say US police

The Scotsman

An American police chief yesterday defended an officer who handcuffed a six-year-old girl after she threw a tantrum at school. Salecia Johnson was accused of tearing down wall hangings and throwing desks and chairs on Friday at her school in Milledgeville, Georgia. She also allegedly knocked over a shelf, injuring the headteacher.

How we sold our souls

Sunday Herald

Dr Carol Craig, chief executive of the Glasgow-based Centre for Confidence and Well-being, has called for a serious debate over how materialism and celebrity culture are beginning to dominate society. The issue has become a main focus of the work of the centre this year. Talks have already highlighted concerns over make-up parties for three-year-olds.

Children `facing Christian indoctrination in schools'

The Herald

Scottish pupils in Catholic and non-denominational schools are being "indoctrinated" into Christian beliefs against government guidelines, campaigners have claimed. The Humanist Society Scotland said the legal right of parents to withdraw children from religious education and observance was widely ignored.

I've been caged for a kiss and a cuddle

The Sun

A Scots teacher jailed for a drunken gay romp in Dubai claimed yesterday he was just having a "kiss and a cuddle". Paul Brandt, 27, got three years after confessing to having sex with lover Mickey Beley, 40, under a tree on a night out. IT teacher Brandt of Findochty, Aberdeenshire, says he had no idea what he signed as his confession was in Arabic.

Doctors present united front over rise in obesity

The Times

The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges has begun a three-month campaign to halt rising levels of obesity in Britain, saying that current strategies are not working. The inquiry will identify action that can be taken by individuals, including diet, exercise and parenting, as well as the impact of advertising, food labelling and sponsorship.

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