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Pricey ideas for recruitment

I do hope the Teacher Training Agency didn't pay too much for their advertising agency's latest ideas (TES, September 5).

For a price equal to 32 minutes of Ralph Tabberer's time they could have picked up a copy of my book A Guide To Teacher Recruitment which not only contains suggestions on advertising teaching vacancies at the cinema and health clubs but at a further 18 sites including school buses, motorway restrooms and petrol stations.

Also included are 50 hints on writing vacancy ads, almost 100 tips on interviewing and 70 ideas on how schools could improve the image they portray to job-hunters.

However, due to my honesty in admitting that I am a PA in the corporate sector, my book has been dismissed by reviewers and sales have been slow.

So who should feel the sickest - me for not pushing sales or Mr Tabberer for paying all that money?

Sarah Palmer Inspirit Publishing Blaire Park Yateley, Hampshire

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