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SCIENCE SUCCESS. By Terry Jennings. Starter Book, Book 1 and Book 2. Oxford University Press. pound;5 each.

These three books will be an attractive primary resource which may encourage pupils to read about science, a neglected activity at later stages. Aimed at key stage 1, leading to KS2, each book is beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and clearly labelled drawings. Each topic occupies the traditional double-page spread for science textbooks.

The starter book deals with the human body, materials, hearing, pushes and pulls and plants for Year 1, and topics such as growth, electricity and variation for Year 2. Book 1 covers areas such as teeth, magnets, light and shadows, rocks, and plants. Topics such as muscles and movement, keeping warm,electric circuits and friction are covered in Book 2. Each double page ends with a set of three useful and relevant questions. A clear progression can be seen in the presentation and language levels of the three books.

Generally the text is well written although some sentences and statements could have been improved. For example, the sun is described as a star but pupils are not told what a star is. In the same topic we are told that the night comes when "our part of the Earth turns away from the Sun and the Sun sets". The idea of the sun "setting" is a metaphor which is fine for everyday talk but in this sentence will just confuse young readers.

JERRY WELLINGTON. Jerry Wellington is a reader in education at the University of Sheffield

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