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THE GRAMMAR HANDBOOK 1. By Sara Wernham and Sue Lloyd. Jolly Learning pound;19.95

The Grammar Handbook 1, designed for use in Year 1, gives equal weight to the teaching of spelling. In fact, it is the authors' intention that the first lesson each week is devoted to spelling and the second to grammar. Punctuation and vocabulary work occur in both.

The book starts with some useful ideas for teaching grammar and spelling, followed by lesson plans and photocopiable material. The spelling lesson presents words containing different phonic elements. Children are instructed to spell these words "by listening for the sounds". Irregular words are alsoincluded and these are taught through the "look-copy-cover-write-check" method.

The grammar worksheet follows. Although these lessons are comprehensive it is a pity they do not make more use of the words from the preceding spelling worksheet.

The final section contains additional sheets for photocopying word lists, classroom resources, and a helpful letter for parents.

Sue Lloyd is a well-known practitioner and her contribution to the teaching of phonics through Jolly Phonics is highly respected. Followers of her work will find this resource book equally helpful.

Charles Cripps is a lecturer and language consultant

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