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Investigate the life and death of one saint. What were their particular qualities? What did they do that was special? (Many children are fascinated by the bizarre deaths of many saints.) Investigate the history of local churches and schools that are connected to saints. (Many are named after saints.) How does this connection influence their ethos or philosophy?

Undertake an investigation of the saints that are connected to the lives of individual pupils. Organise a mini-festival to celebrate the life of a chosen saint. Try to ensure that activities, food and so on reflect the life and work of the saint. Make invitations.

Which well-known, current personalities might deserve being considered for sainthood. Why?

Many saints have gone through major conversions that have dramatically changed their lives. Children can reflect on changes they have experienced and discuss how this has affected them. Do the children know anybody who appears to have a special gift? Who, in their immediate surroundings, is particularly kind or patient? Find out about children who have shown immense courage in challenging circumstances.

Dramatise a story that has grown up around one of the saints. Improvise and then build towards a polished performance (This makes an excellent assembly.) What qualities would a saint need to be linked to particular groups of people (teachers, soldiers, dentists).

Write a story that could have instigated the link.

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