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Make a collection of national papers. Classify the main stories. Decide why each has been chosen by the editor. Group those together covering similar themes. Cut out a range of stories from the papers and distribute them to individuals, or teams of children. Hold editorial meetings with each group having to argue why their story should take the lead.

Cut out headlines. Write stories, articles etc suggested by the headline.

Compare them to the real story. Read sample stories to the class: can they suggest the headline? Include a pun or other imaginative use of language.

Write a class or school newspaper. Decide what should be included to interest the target audience (pupils, parents, etc). Try to market and sell it (an excellent business project). Analyse the local paper. What types of items are included? Why are they there? What's missing? What are the most popular items? How could the paper be improved?

Many local papers are keen to make contact with schools. Invite reporters andor the editor to talk about their respective roles. Focus in part on editorial decision-making.

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