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Art and creativity: Play "paper, stone, scissors" - organise a league. Make models and moulds using plaster. Make sculpturespictures with different textures. Do stone rubbings. Draw cross-sections of pistols, cigarette lighter (remember to do risk assessments before using in class!) Get in a flint-worker to demonstrate.

Humanities: find Norfolk on the map. Track different "Ages" - Neolithic, Stone, Bronze. Find out what tools the miners used to dig out the flint caves. Look at aerial photographs (the internet is a useful resource).

Compare different landscapes. Find out about the Norse Gods.

Literacy, numeracy: Descriptive writing about textures of stones - eg smooth, rough, sharp. "Flint" is a "hard" word - classify other words. Oral descriptions using a "feely bag". Read the Hans Christian Andersen children's story The Tinderbox. Make a collection of stones. Classify stone materials. Make charts and graphs of materials of local buildings.

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