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* Experiment with painting on different wet surfaces such as wooden boards and paper. What are the difficulties? How do you have to compensate for these?

* Paint your own fresco using individual plaster of Paris squares. Join them together to make a larger class fresco.

* What would be represented in a 2004 mural or fresco? Paint or make a collage of a representation of pupils' ideas.

* Look back at 2003. What epic events took place that might be shown on a fresco? Use individual representations of the figures involved in the events to produce a larger piece of work.

* Investigate famous frescoes like those painted by Giotto or Masaccio.

What is the fresco trying to show? How are the figures placed?

* Investigate the methods and techniques used by fresco painters. Draw a flow chart or storyboard to show how they worked.

* Fresco painters had to work quickly using large confident gestures. They worked mainly in earth colours. Produce some pieces of art working to these constraints.

* Arrange a visit to the Palace of Westminster (see below). Your MP can arrange a guided tour.

* Look at photographs of some of the entries to the 2003 Turner Prize. What aspects of our own social or economic climate do they represent? What attitudes and values are embodied in the works?

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