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INSOUND GOES TO SCHOOL. Key stage 1 mainstream or specific learning difficulty support. JP Innovations, pound;120 single user licence 01597 870340.

This is a rare find - teaching expertise translated successfully into software. InSound will prove useful for mainstream children as well as bolstering those with specific learning difficulties.

In simple terms, InSound combines information and communications technology learning management with paper-based activities to provide individualised literacy programmes. Each child registers at the computer and is given a tour of the system. On-screen instructions have a friendly voice and are pitched at a level which is neither daunting nor patronising Initiation over, a personalised cover-sheet is printed, launching activity sheets for completion away from the PC.

There is a possible total of 600 tasks on 270 sheets over 15 units, matched to termly delivery of the national literacy programme. The tasks provide small, inter-related building blocks of language awareness and experience. The scheme of work addresses phonological awareness, word recognition and spelling, vocabulary extension, graphic knowledge and sentence construction. On completing a sheet, children return to the computer to update a record of progress, before proceeding to the next stage. Computer and paper usage is optimised and the management of learning is made easier for staff.

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