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Watch appropriate extracts from films, such as Fort Apache, Soldier Blue or Dances with Wolves, which feature contrasting views of American Indians.

What are the similarities and differences? How has the portrayal changed?

Use the initial declaration of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples as a literacy hour text. Write a similar declaration of principles for the classroom or school.

Look at cave art or other ancient designs associated with the peoples mentioned in the article. Use designs such as those available from Pre-Columbian Mexico to make simple brooches and other jewellery.

Listen to creation stories such as "How the Hopi Indians Reached Their World" or "The Great Serpent and the Great Flood"( Use the stories as an assembly theme or to dramatise. Use the internet to investigate cities such as Teotihuacan or Tenochtitlan.

Listen to the music of different indigenous peoples. Children will be fascinated by the amazing vocal games of the Inuit or the chanting in Sioux victory songs.

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