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Produce a storyboard that illustrates the visit of a particular species of bee to a flower. Make sure the pictures and text explain the purpose of each stage of the visit.


Design a job advertisement for each type of honeybee in a colony, indicating the specific skills and qualities needed for the position of queen, drone or worker. Write letters of application for each position explaining why you should get the job.


Visit websites such as to discover some simple recipes that use honey. Honey crispies, honey scones and honey granola squares all work well. Children can also adapt other favourite recipes of their own, using honey instead of sugar.


Use the relationship between the mining bee and the homeless bee as a stimulus to develop a dance that explores aspects such as the building of the nest, the voyeurism of the sinister alter-ego and the violation of the new nest to help produce contrasting movements.


Invite a beekeeper to school to talk about the production of honey.

Children will love seeing and also, perhaps, trying on the protective clothing.

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