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* Produce a school dictionary for new pupils. Include words such as rewards, sanctions, homework, assembly and so on, illustrated by sketches or digital photos.

* Keep a class dictionary. Regularly add new or unusual words from different curriculum areas, with their definitions. Establish an editorial board to decide which words to include.

* Write definitions for unusual words. Compare the results. Which are best? Which could be understood and why?

* Use a dictionary to prepare a game of Call My Bluff.

* Design a board game that would be useful for dictionary practice. Use chance and challenge cards to include features such as finding the correct definition from three, or to check spelling.

* Compare different editions of the same dictionary. Which words are new? Where have they come from? How common is their usage?

* Design a poster advertising a new type of school dictionary. Emphasise key features and ensure it promotes a dictionary that would be popular with teachers and pupils.

* Undertake mathematical investigations where the terminology is completely new. Encourage the use of dictionaries to explore mathematical definitions.

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