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Literacy l Draw a "mind map" for different machines and their uses.

* Do a storyboard of the Shuttle take-off sequence.

* Make lists of acronyms and what they mean. Make up some of your own.

* Write a log of "My flight in a space shuttle".


* Count down from 100 in ones, twos, fives and so on.

* Plot a radius of 5, 10 and 15 miles around the school to see how far a space shuttle could travel in one, two or three seconds.

Science technology

* Make a model of a space shuttle from recycled materials.

* Look at how the shape of aircraft wings give them lift.

* Design a space station - what rooms would it need?

* Taste space rations, available from the Science Museum:


* Make a stop-frame animation of a shuttle taking off - you can use Digital Blue cameras www.taglearning.combrowseproduct.php?pid=20

* How would you reorganise the classroom if you could use the walls and ceiling as well as the floor?


l Visit "Google Earth" to see what Earth looks like from space at different heights

* Find images taken from space telescopes

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