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Primary Gnome

Andrea Morison, who teaches in Edinburgh's Buckstone Primary, has just "grotto" keep on organising kids, every weekend up to Christmas.

She is the Chief Gnome behind Santa's Polar Express on the steam-powered Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway. She leads the kids in singing 'Jingle Bells, ' stuffing Santa's sack to ensure the prezzies don't run out before the train reaches Kinneil, and generally organising the Great Man. A primary teacher's life, in fact.

"I suppose it does take the organising and child-management skills of a primary teacher to be the Santa controller on the railway," admits Andrea, who dresses for the weekends in Santa Chief Gnome hat.

"It's not much of a break at the weekends though, what with preparing for Christmas at school during the week and then more of the same at weekends. A bit of a trainswoman's holiday, in fact."

The hardest part, however, is keeping the parents in order as they queue for mince pies.

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