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Primary review must combat league table misery

I was delighted to hear that the new primary review is going to ensure that teachers' teaching should be based on their assessment of children's understanding (TES, October 13). This fits in with the Every Child Matters agenda - learning tailored to individual's needs. However, my experience as a parent of a Year 6 child has made me rather depressed.

It is very difficult to reconcile the ECM agenda with the "curriculum" in Y6. In Y5, my daughter was achieving well above the average for Y6, but this hasn't stopped the teacher putting increased pressure on her to achieve more in her last year at primary school - "just in case it comes up in Sats".

In addition to the psychological pressure, I am concerned about the superficial learning that this approach encourages for 11-year-old children who would be creative and enthusiastic as well as ready and willing to engage in meaningful and deep learning - if only they were allowed.

These results for Y6 have no value for my child. They are not going to affect which school she goes to or what she achieves in her GCSEs or A-levels. It all seems to be about the teachers' status, the school, local education authority and, ultimately, the Government. It seems more like Every Result Matters rather. Please continue to highlight the adverse effects of Sats and league tables.

Fufy Demissie. Sheffield

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