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RESOURCE BANK SERIES. Plants in their Environment for key stage 1. By Dawn Saunders. HANDLING DATA for key stage 2. By Jon Kurta. Scholastic. pound;8.99 each.

Plants in their Environment introduces leaves, stems and roots and goes on to look at seeds, plant growth and plants in the local environment. Each booklet in the resource bank contains a large A1 poster, in this case illustrating the plant theme and showing some of the key words in this topic. The booklet contains a wide range of short activities and investigations with clear instructions on what equipment is needed, worksheets for pupils and guidelines for teachers - the latter will be of great value to teachers who are not science specialists. Ideas for differentiation and extension work are given for every topic. Handling Data, a resource book for key stage 2, follows the same format with a poster, photocopiable pages and lesson plans. A labour saver for teachers in an area of the curriculum where it is not always easy to provide interesting activities.

Jerry Wellington is a Reader in Education at the University of Sheffield

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