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Private face of public Respect

I was pleased to see the newly elected Respect MP George Galloway apologise for the ambiguous remark he "inadvertently made" about schools in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

He also confirmed that the Respect party supports "a fully funded comprehensive system", and that it wants "all children - regardless of their class or ethnic background - to achieve their full potential" (TES, June 10).

But I wonder whether this view is shared by Yvonne Ridley, another high-profile Respect party candidate, who has twice contested the parliamentary seat for Leicester South, but who chooses to send her daughter to Windermere St Anne's private school, in Cumbria, where fees are more than pound;16,000 a year.

Does Mr Galloway think the constituents of Leicester South or any other seat she may contest at the next election should respect this choice?

David Rosenberg

35 Corinne Road London N19

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