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Private schools deserve better

I am increasingly disappointed by The TES for continuing to discuss public schools in such an out-dated and ill-informed stereotypical manner.

The use of Eton 30 years ago as the basis for every commentary and discussion is irritating. Many of the parents who send their children to public and boarding school have done so because the state sector has failed to provide the type of education they believe their children need.

Parents like me do not make vast sums, but we pay our taxes and fund our children's education on top. Indeed, we should be complaining because we cannot get what our children need yet we still have to fund the inadequate service.

I have decided to make do with a very old car no fancy holidays and few treats so that one of my children can attend a public school. He has one chance in life and I feel that I have to back this.

Perhaps TES journalists should extend their own knowledge of modern-day public and boarding schools? That may mean leaving London and going north. They may find that the real principles of education, which are about preparing children and young people for life, might be the ethos of the schools - and that there is not a cold bath in sight.

The shame is that we are not demanding this for more children and actually exploring the debate in a much more thoughtful and helpful way.

J O'Sullivan

72 Melody Road Wandsworth, London SW18

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