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A problem shared

Have you come up with the perfect ICT solution to a curriculum problem? One that could help your lessons and the way your students learn? If so, Nesta Futurelab, an organisation dedicated to the research and development of new technologies for education, wants to hear from you.

By highlighting problems you've encountered, and technology that could help, you could be contributing to the future direction of ICT in education. Futurelab will ask for submission of ideas from January 12 to February 23, 2005.

So what kind of project are they likely to be interested in? Well, one company is already trying to tackle the problem faced by language teachers wanting to get a dialogue going between key stage 2 English and Spanish pupils in video-conferencing sessions. Attic Media is developing Iya-Ola (pictured), a collection of language learning games designed to kick-start conversation.

Pupils progress as they answer questions correctly. By the end children should be conversing naturally. The Iya-Ola games are at pilot stage and are being tested with Year 5 classes in Nottingham and Avila, Spain.

Iya-Ola is a clear example of how an innovative idea can enhance the curriculum. But you don't have to be a technical wizard to put forward an idea to Futurelab - Jthey can provide the necessary expertise.

So if you've recognised learning problems that really need a technical solution, contact Rachel Newbury 0117 915 8216 or email her at

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