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Problems with putting price on pupils' heads

The sentiment following the comprehensive spending review seemed to be that "things could have been worse" ("From cuts crisis to calm", October 22) and that the scrapping of Building Schools for the Future served to soften the blow. But the question that remains is how severe the loss of BSF will prove.

We are already seeing schools document the positive impact of this investment; where there is good use of relevant technologies, improvements are shown in engagement, attendance, behaviour and academic progress.

Over the past 10 years, the progress made in equipping UK classrooms with 21st-century technology means it is one area where we lead the world. Indeed, as Michael Shaw's article on The Education Project conference in Bahrain ironically highlighted ("Writing's on the wall for gadgets as chalk and pencils endure", October 15), effective use of technology is one area where many teachers realise UK schools "are doing great".

The risk now is that all the progress that has been made in this area will be undone.

Alistair Hayward, UK director, Promethean.

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