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Professional status in need of an upgrade

Kerra Maddern states what many in the profession know and deal with daily through media soundbites from politicians, inspectors and advisers. A picture is painted of a profession without integrity that needs to be led by "superheads" and taken into academy status as it is unable to improve standards.

This impression is wrong. We need a climate of trust, honesty and integrity, with governors and leaders believing in staff and equipping them to do the best possible job - not cowed teachers intimidated by the system but super and inspirational teams.

Politicians need to trust and respect teachers, listen to them and stop making decisions based only on political ideology. No one would say improvements are not needed, but it is the manner in which they are initiated that will improve the chances of success.

Let us, as a profession, ensure this message is heard by politicians and hope teachers can be given the respect they deserve.

Carolyn Clarke, Headteacher, Harrison Primary School, Fareham, Hampshire.

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