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Profits are on the cards at Glencryan

ONE of the conference seminars was told of a school for young people with moderate learning difficulties that delivers core skills from nursery to upper secondary through education for enterprise and work.

Dorothy Morgan, deputy head of Glencryan School in Cumbernauld, one of four Scottish winners of the new Motorola advanced award for excellence in enterprise work, said its broad vision for pupils includes entrepreneurship.

"The expertise of the staff, especially within the life skills unit in the upper school, enables us to equip our young students with the necessary skills to move on and into the community."

Scott Griffen, aged 17, managing director of High Five, the school's Young Enterprise Scotland company, has already set his sights high.

"Starting this summer, I will be using the school as a base for my card-making company where I believe there is a lot of money to be made," he says.

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