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Progress was made at Windsor

Your article "A lot of talk ... but no action" (TES, September 12) gave the unfortunate and misleading impression that no progress was made at Windsor Castle on September 4 and 5 by the lead employers and partners working to form a lifelong learning sector skills council.

Positive progress was made on many fronts and important agreements were reached.

These included a clear way forward on the appointment of a shadow board and the submission of a formal expression of interest to the Sector Skills Development Agency, and the need for the new organisation to generate its own income, secure employer subscriptions and maintain its independence from government.

Your article accurately reported that the lead employers and partners had decided not to talk to the press in advance of these agreements being confirmed.

They look forward to reading future articles based on their agreed position.

Jonathan Mackey

Head of Special Projects DfES

On behalf of the Lead Employers and Partners for a Lifelong Learning SSC

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