Prospects for love variable

There's only one young man for every 20 primary schools, according to new government figures.

This could explain why female primary staff are joining dating agencies in droves. Teaching ranks in the top five professions with many agencies and 95 per cent of their teacher clients are women.

And they have every chance of success, says Karen Mooney, founder of Sara Eden Introductions for 30-something professionals: "Men love the fact that they work with children and see them as soft and caring.

"But we have a problem with secondary teachers. We change their job titles to emphasise the fun aspects of their careers. Men think of them as stern Miss Jean Brodie types, and many of them had bad experiences of teachers at school."

For male secondary teachers it's a different story. "They are not very popular with our female clients at all; I think it might be because of how much they earn," said Ms Mooney.

John Howson, page 22

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