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PSE - Gang culture in sharp focus

What the lesson is about

This collection of resources contains videos from TrueTube, featuring real-life experiences of young people's involvement with gangs. The videos can be used as part of PSE lessons, to educate pupils on the consequences of taking part in gang culture, and to provoke discussion on the topic. The teenagers featured in the videos give different accounts of their experiences of being involved in gangs. Shaun Bailey is a youth worker who warns about the dangers. He says that people who get into gangs go to jail or end up with mental health problems, and that the way to solve these problems lies with communities and families rather than stricter laws.

Taking it further

Jason Allen has a similar opinion, after his experience of being in a gang resulted in him getting in trouble with the police, which had a detrimental effect on his relationship with his family. He reformed when his local youth club approached him and asked him to help out as he had "good leadership skills". Letarnia, on the other hand, is a 20-year-old youth worker who believes the media blow things out of proportion, and that being part of a gang can actually be a positive thing.

Denny Mendoza, a community leader, followed his older brother into gangs as a way of getting the things he wanted without working. He escaped from the culture when his friend asked him to play golf "for a laugh". He is interviewed in a second video, talking about how he helps get young people out of a life of crime.

MC Skitzo lost her friend Kodjo to local gang violence in west London. Despite Kodjo's death, MC Skitzo believes we cannot ban gangs, but would like influential rap stars to change the messages in their music.

Where to find it

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