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PSE - The people who help us

What the lesson is about

This collection contains a range of lesson plans, worksheets, games and materials for displays to aid pupils' understanding of the world around them. The resources in this compilation focus on people who help us, such as the police and doctors, and what they do for the community.

Getting started

Topteach has shared a PowerPoint presentation on the police, suitable for a reception class. The presentation contains information and images on how to identify a police officer, as well as giving examples of what their role in society is. For images to display around your classroom, bevevans22 has uploaded a series of photos with printable labels.

Among the many lesson plans available on this topic, ZapRowsdower has uploaded one suitable for early-years pupils, focusing on the fire service, and Banks193 has shared a great week-by-week plan on the subject as a whole.

Taking it further

To incorporate role-play into the topic, cariad2 has created and shared a resource on opticians. The set includes posters and an appointment book for pupils to use when acting out the roles of an optician. Fuzzie has shared a similar set, but for a hospital or doctor's role-play area.

The PowerPoint includes room signs, ID badges, prescription pads and appointment sheets for pupils to use to gain a greater understanding of a doctor's role.

Browneyedgirl18 has created a worksheet that encourages children to identify and label the different parts of a fireman's uniform.

Where to find it

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